Coaching is a proactive partnership process aimed at achieving objectives and is based on a structured relationship of mutual trust between coach and client.

The coach's objective is aimed at understanding the real obstacle and moving from the current state to the desired state.

Holistic wellness is an approach where we view our lives from a 360-degree view encompassing five key dimensions – mental & emotional, physical, social, occupational and financial wellness. Each of these elements have the potential to impact our wellbeing in varying degrees. A slight imbalance in one, can have a snowballing effect on other dimensions thus causing an overload of worries and stress. Adopting a holistic approach to wellness can not only help boost productivity, mental clarity, physical health but also resilience to face challenges of daily life headstrong.....



Born in Italy in August 1964.Classic Maturity, Graduated in Law at the University of Milan at my 23 years old.(1987)

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Graduated in Law, with 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate consultancy in the fields of marketing communications, human resources and management. I followed start-up projects in Italy and abroad.

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