Graduated in Law, with 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate consultancy in the field of marketing communications. human resources, management. I have followed start-up projects in Italy and abroad. My experience has allowed me to come into contact with very different cultures, which have enriched my professional and personal background.


I SUPPORT leaders of companies, including family businesses (SMEs), managers, freelancers, I help them to make important decisions, to bear great responsibilities every day, high levels of work performance, to manage stress and find a better balance between life and work. I HELP entrepreneurs to manage worries, stress, time and people. I help to transmit leadership more effectively which is equivalent to motivating and encouraging collaborators to organize activities well (effectiveness and efficiency).

I analyze, study, simplify methodically. I don't judge or evaluate, I love giving improving feedback.

I am characterized by determination, confidentiality and love for continuous improvement. My 'here and now' is made up of continuous improvement, training, passion, awareness, pro-activity, competence, enthusiasm, dedication to others, effectiveness, solutions, strategies, results, games, fun.


Applico ogni giorno quello in cui credo, è il modo migliore per trasmettere con empatia agli altri il senso dell’efficacia.




Start Up Coaching :  to analyze and evaluate your business idea.

Executive Coaching : to encourage the improvement of leadership.

PMI & Family Business Coaching : to support a family's challenge.

Life Coach 4 Leaders : to combat anxieties and worries, increasing motivation, awareness and effectiveness.

Stress Management : to improve the management of good stress and eliminate the causes of bad stress.

Work-Life Balance :to balance your work and private life with useful habits.


1) many entrepreneurs lead a difficult life, regardless of the results;

2) excessive doses of stress can be very harmful (for health, relationships and business);

3) top managers are often alone and don't know who to talk to;

4) my passion is creating value in people and coaching is the best methodology ever;

5) My approach is “I know I don't know” so I learn a lot every day.



leadership efficace

effective leadership job satisfaction, motivation and performance

goal setting and action plans

smart working and effective meetings

problem solving & decision making

time & stress management  

Coaching for me is …"the art of asking questions and leading people towards new horizons, expressing the best of oneself, with awareness and responsibility, to obtain the desired results. It is the training of the mind to bring out the best in others, then helping them to do it on their own to become autonomous.”

Being a Leader …  also means distributing responsibilities to increase the process of creating innovative solutions and ideas.