The expectation in today hospitality envirnment are changing. Individuals within organization need to project an exceptional individual attitude, a shared guest service vision

and a healthy appreciation of the power of pubblic perception .

Our Training and Coaching Professional Service is made to help you get the most from your business.

We will work on :


• Develop a well organised and focused team

• Taking action, dealing with consequences and decision making

• Objective setting, job clarification and appraisals

• Meeting skills, measuring achievement and empowerment

• Staff induction / training and multiskilling

• Mentoring and coaching

MANAGEMENT SKILLS : Effective management and increased motivation

• Time management, delegation and setting priorities

• Motivation and self discipline

• Personal goals and planning skills

• Taking action and focusing on key tasks

CUSTOMER SERVICE: How to handle people for excellent customer service

• Communication, personality and behavioural profiling

• Being firm but fair with people

• Decisiveness and personal attitude

• Body language and self image


Sessions can be worked around the day to day operation of the business.

We are fully aware of the pressures on businesses, especially in the current climate.

We strive to provide value for money.


- No matter your industry, hospitality in any field is a team sport, and we strive for championship performance.

Great service can make up for poor food, but great food cannot make up for poor service.

It sounds cliché, but there is a lot of truth in that sentiment. Proper training is a necessary expense and it's important to remember that training is a never-ending cycle.

Staff needs to be continually reminded of all essential training to set a clear expectation for all employees.

The pre-meal meeting when done properly will improve your customer satisfaction. This builds a culture in a facility that will lead to improved customer retention.

A successful pre-meal meeting is cheap and a simple way to improve the daily functions at your facility.

A successful pre-meal meeting is a simple way to improve daily functions.


The hospitality industry is difficult and stressful.

Every member on your team deserves to be thanked for what they do.

It will make them feel appreciated for what they do which will help build a good relationship. This will overflow into their customer interactions.


Restaurateurs are hard pressed to find and keep qualified staff, especially those on the frontlines whose skills at customer service can make or break a brand.

Restaurateurs also are starting to see that it takes better benefits to attract and retain staff.

To that end, we are seeing growing interest in wellness programs that have a holistic focus on the “whole” person, or the individual’s physical and emotional health, making them an important draw for millennial.

To motivate your employees to work better, reward your employees with incentives they care about the most.

Seems like common sense, right? But, sadly, many restaurant owners get this wrong.


We teach proven systems and techniques to help you get more out of your hard work and time and

help you create a scalable and profitable business that makes your customers, your employees and you happy.


High-volume restaurants that are short-staffed and running slim on operations often forget that first impressions matter.


How to be successful in staffing.

Having the right hiring managers in the recruitment process is essential. Placing someone with the right personality and characteristics to represent your company’s culture will reflect on the people you are hiring.

In a fast-casual restaurant, the most energetic and outgoing manager is going to attract similar candidates and should be the one conducting the interviews.

Remember, the candidate is interviewing you while you are interviewing them.

Hiring managers, change your mind set about the interview process.

Candidates are able to work anywhere, so give them the opportunity to want to work for you.

Your staff will not be at their fullest potential unless they feel like they’re a part of a committed and united team.


Leadership has a tremendous impact on business. The way you lead people is as important as the quality of your products or services.

Leadership can be defined as a way to lead others. But it is so much more than that. A true leader inspires people, recognizes their diversity and potential, and shows them how they can develop their skills.

As leadership has always been a hot topic, there have been a lot of different leadership types developing over the years.

To help you understand which type of leadership suits you best, we’ve decided to compile a list of seven leadership types you should know about and work-on wit us.

Which Leadership Style Works for You?


The biggest challenge when being a boss in the workplace is making sure that peace is kept between your employees. Conflict can test your negotiation and patience.

You have to be sensitive with conflicts, as resolving them incorrectly can lead to teams becoming unstable and relationships breaking down.

The bigger picture is that productivity could also decrease in an unwelcoming atmosphere.

For conflict resolution, these steps should be taken to ensure better communication and a happier working environment.