Whether you simply want us to find you the ideal location, or you are needing further support in sourcing chefs, teachers and therapists; we can help you pull all the logistical elements of your retreat together.

We can support you further by advising on your menus, itinerary and additional activities and workshops.

We can also provide experienced hosts, teachers, and 'supporters' to give you the freedom to focus on your guests.


Travel to Heal

Travel is a powerful way to heal the soul, cleanse the mind, and open the heart. Whether you spend your time in the middle of nowhere, on a secluded island, at a group retreat, or in a bustling city, being in a different environment has been known to be therapeutic to your mind, body, and soul.

Mother Power

Power of Moms Retreats are for mothers of all ages with all ages of children. Grandmothers are also welcome to attend! Retreats will help mothers with babies and young children to chart successful life courses and enjoy a much-needed break from the daily workload.

Women Empowerment

Experience a deep process of aligning your true nature to increase self-esteem, strenght and confidence.

Gain practical tools for living meaningful relationship and connect to yourself by unlocking the wisdom of your heart. Develop an empowering body image learning how to love and accept yourself.


Mind Body Soul

A revitalizing fusion and sinergy of wellness activities.

A program divided into individual and group sessions. A team of four professionals.

- Relax and train your mind without letting it take over.

- Dedicate attention, time and care to your body.

- Get in deep connection with your soul.


We have quite rich portfolio of Villas, Houses, Resorts and retreat-specific locations that we have curated over the last decade. From bohemian-chic rustic to luxurious yet soulful spaces.

We can help you select the ideal venue for your requirements that provides the perfect environment for your retreat.

Clean fresh food

We work with an independent network of nutritionally focused chefs offering a broad range of nourishing menu styles, included of course vegetarian and vegan, purifying and cleansing, raw food or just Clean Fresh Food wich is our favourite option, all with the freshest, locally sourced products. We can advise on your menu and budget, then connect you with the perfect chef for your

Tours & Transfer

Enhance your retreat in the great outdoors by discovering secret beaches, beautiful nature and majestic cliff-top walks. Whether on foot, bike, by sea or on all-fours: we love horse-riding amidst flower-kissed fields with the warmth of the sun on our skin! You can enjoy private and group experiences during your retreat.